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Cold calling utmost important for start-ups

cold calling tips and tricks
Cold Calling Tips and Tricks

Why cold calling is important for start-ups?


Cold calling is seen as very tedious process for customer acquisition. But it is very important for start-up companies which can make your start-up or it can break your start-up. It is comparatively low cost option of acquiring customer compared to other methods. So it becomes very important for start-ups working with small capital. In this discussion, we will reflect on why it is?


Because first 100 customers build your start-up


Cold calling establishes one to one engagement with the customer right from calling stage to acquisition stage. It gives opportunity to be intimate with your customers as far as your products and services are considered.  A start-up should select first 100 customers very cautiously, because:
  • They will be your first brand ambassadors doing publicity of your products/services mouth-to-mouth.
  • In the era of Social Media, it has become utmost important because they will share/give feedback on Social Media platforms promptly about your products/services.
  • They will give important feedback about technicalities, design, logistics and value for money of your products/services.
  • They will share positive/negative experiences about your products/services.
  • All this information can be passed to product design or technical team.  This kind of information is actionable information out of which technical information can be used to improve the product/service. This product/service improvement cycle should go on continuously until it reaches to a product maturity stage.
  • Non-technical information like price, delivery mechanism, packaging and any other contextual information can be used to improve operations and logistics of start-up.
  • If these customers are using your other competitor’s products/services, they will give valuable/actionable insights about that. These insights can be used to re-engineer/re-invent/re-design or simply improve your products/services. This is a street smart technique.


 Seasoned marketing professional should handle these 100 customers


Start-up companies should engage senior and matured sales / marketing people to handle these elite customers. Several leads should be generated from:
  •     SMS Marketing
  •     Email Marketing
  •     Social Media Marketing and from other channels.
Demographic profiles should be studied and researched of these elite customers. A lot of demographic information can be gathered of these elite customers from Social Media Platforms. Their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other profiles should be thoroughly scrutinized to understand the psyche of these customers.


Customize products/services for First 100 Customers


If possible, the products/services should be tailored or customized as per their wishes /fantasies. Even after sale is complete, they should be given after sales/service support for long time free of cost. Keep on calling them on periodically on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, etc. These customers should be placed in first 100 in your newsletter campaign and should remain so. These customers can be called on company festivals, programs and occasions. In fact, they can be part of company’s future advertising campaigns in media.


 So select first 100 customers very well


So selection of first 100 customers out of huge number of leads generated is very important. Don’t run fast to acquire them. It can break or make your start-up. Cold calling provides opportunity to select these first 100 very well. It requires lot of out of box thinking and creative sales and marketing strategies to get first 100 customers.

If you are interested to have a look on a typical cold-calling script, you may download from here:
cold calling script for website design

The out of box salesman