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10 Common Mistakes Organizations Make For Their Web-promotion Strategy - Part Two

10 Common Mistakes Organizations Make For Their Web-promotion Strategy - Part Two

In the previous article, we have already discussed the common mistakes made by the organization for their web-promotion strategy.

In this and in the subsequent series of articles , we will answer to the questions raised in the previous discussion and will find solution for each of our problems step by step.

How will the website attract maximum relevant eyeballs to it ? 
This is a question every marketing strategist should ask after a website has been successfully launched.

There are two main methods to do this:

  • Search Engine Optimization, commonly know as SEO which is on-line and continuous process to be done for  a predefined time.
  • Offline process which is not advertising on internet media or social media, but advertising done on traditional media channels print,newspaper,business journals,etc. In recent times, a lot of innovation has been done through this medium also. 

Let us take examples:
  1.  Advertising your Website URL on prepaid taxi, bus service and rickshaw hoods.
  2.  Tee-shirt promotion of the Website URL .
  3.  Promotion through various college events and other media events.
  4.  TV news promotion.
  5.  Radio broadcasting or Radio advertising
  6.  SMS marketing or Bulk-sms Marketing
  7. Advertising in business journals , if the target audience are industrial customers.

Off-course, not all of  this channel is suitable for every kind of products and services, but selection should be made based on the nature of products or services considering the target customers e.g industrial segment customers or retail consumers.

Akhilesh Maurya
The out of box salesman


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