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How to prepare for a one way video interview

We welcome our guest author :

She is content expert @Vervoe  which is a fast-growing HR Tech startup. Vervoe is  building a community of experts who are passionate about hiring to help other startups hire faster. Vervoe has got some cool products and services using AI and Machine Learning technology.

How to prepare for a one way video interview

The one-way video interview is on the rise: companies like Apple, Twitter, Google, and many more use a one-way video interview at some point in their hiring process. Some estimates have seen a nearly 30% increase in the use of pre-recorded interviews in the last year. While one-way interviews are a great time-saving tool for recruiters, they can be an awkward experience for the candidate.
Unlike in-person interviews, one-way video interviews require a different type of preparation from potential hires. The job candidate doesn’t have the advantage of reading social cues that come up in the course of normal conversation. There’s often a limited amount of time in which to record your response. A candidate has to answer the question and showcase their personality within the limits of the screen and question parameters. It can be a challenge to convey what makes a candidate the best fit without the benefit of an in-person connection.
Luckily, there are some things you can do to make your interview stand out from the pack. Knowing that a one-way video interview can actually help your application is the first step toward success. Take these steps to knock your next pre-recorded interview out of the park.
Optimize your environment
Pay attention to lighting, posture, background, and background noise. Find a nice, well-lit space with a blank background. A plain wall, a screen, or a bookshelf (but make sure there isn’t anything weird behind you) work best. Experts suggest having at least two feet of distance between the background behind you. That space can reduce the shadow and make the lighting more flattering. If you don’t have a webcam, you can use your phone’s camera to record your answers. No matter what device you use, test your microphone and camera angle beforehand. Set yourself up to make a great first impression!
Know your parameters
Before your interview, do your research and speak to the recruiter to get a full understanding of how the process will work. Here are some questions to ask:

      Can you re-record your answers?
      Will you have the questions ahead of time?
      When is the interview due, and how long will you have to record it?
      How much time do you have for each question?
      Will you be able to review your videos before submitting?
It’s common for pre-recorded interviews to let you re-record your answers, but you need to go into the experience prepared. If it isn’t possible to re-record, make sure you do a few test runs before entering the formal interview experience.
Rehearse your answers
Even if there are no time limits placed on the length of your answers, the best pre-recorded interview answers are succinct and well-prepared. Plan ahead what you want to say, given that each video interview has a short window in which you can record your answer.
There’s a hidden risk with one-way videos: you don’t want to rehearse too much. Over-preparing your response can lead to your answers sounding static and robotic. Video interviews already make it hard to showcase your personality; memorizing your answers can only compound the problem. Even if you don’t have the questions ahead of time, you can anticipate some of the most common interview questions and prepare for those accordingly.
If you don’t receive the answers ahead of time, make sure to have your resume or the job description handy. Prepare as you would for any other interview and take time to review standard interview questions.
Figure out what the interviewer needs to know
One-way interviews are part of a larger application process that may involve your LinkedIn, resume, phone screen, or second in-person interview. Think about where in the recruiting process you are, and then prepare to show the recruiter something new. Is this a skills-based interview section, or a pre-screen before inviting you in person? What will a recruiter be looking for to move you to the next phase?
Treat your pre-recorded interview like a normal job interview: prepare, address the interviewer with confidence, and do your best to highlight qualities that can’t be found on your resume. One-way interviews are designed to help candidates succeed, rather than fail. Follow these tips to make the most of your opportunity to find the right position for your career! 

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How to buy condoms without feeling embarrassment ?

How to buy condoms without feeling embarrassment ?

The below content is for people of age 18 years and above.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Taboo In Indian Society

Our Indian society is full of hypocrisy as far as sexual and reproductive health is concerned.
It is not seen as normal human behavior to express sexuality specially by women. Even men feel embarrassment discussing these matters in family or public. Buying sexual wellness product(s) are source of major embarrassment for both the genders.

We people feel unreasonable awkwardness and shyness while talking about reproductive health.
Purchasing products like male condoms, female condoms and other products  related to physical pleasure or wellness and safety is frowned upon with big eyes.

Due to this kind of social environment, specially women population face lot of difficulties
as far as mensuration, menopause, pregnancy and maintaining pleasant love or marital relationship with their life-partners are concerned.

Expression of sexuality is still biggest social taboo for women in our country. There is bigger problem in towns and rural areas because of lack of awareness and female education. They face
lot of disadvantages in physical pleasure in terms of unwanted pregnancy and maintaining reproductive health.

Women are submissive partner in choosing sexual wellness products

Indian woman do not have dominant bargaining position compared to their male partners in their intimate life situations.

Even males face difficulties while procuring products for making intimate moments safe , but in lesser degree. The end result is that ultimately their female partners suffer more compared to males due to:
  • Risk of unwanted pregnancy
  • Risk of disease like STDs, AIDS, etc.
  • Deterioration of reproductive health
  • Loss of social status and other problems in case of unwed pregnancy

Why Government efforts and initiatives have not succeeded much in controlling population ?

Mentality of people and social code of conduct is the main reason for the above. Coupled with less
female education in rural areas and male dominant behaviour, we do not consider
the sexual wellness products an integral part of our daily lives.

This problem is further aggravated by :

  • Lack of availability of sexual wellness product easily and in a discreet way.
  • Lack of awareness about sexual and reproductive health products in the market compared to Western countries.
  • Categorizing condoms only as birth-control device rather than for pleasure.

In bigger metropolitan cities, situation is better compared to towns and rural areas.
Youth in bigger cities has access to these products easily because of large network of
medicine shops and other retail outlets. But the youth in smaller towns and rural areas still find it difficult to get these products easily.

There is need of online platform where both the genders can discuss the sexual problems and issues in private and discreetly. People should be able to buy solutions in terms of advice , medical help as well as tangible product(s).

E-commerce platform will act as catalyst to make it happen

This change of social behavior regarding sexual wellness products can be easily achieved by the operations of e-commerce companies who are active in this segment. Now, in India many companies have created online e-commerce websites where customer can purchase products like :

  • Male Condoms
  • Female Condoms
  • Unwanted Pregnancy Pills
  • Oils and gels for pleasure enhancement
  • Adult Toys

These companies can remove shyness and feeling of awkwardness while buying products like sanitary napkins , female condoms specially to be used by women, male Condoms and adult toys.

The biggest advantage provided while ordering online for the above products on website is discreet and anonymous delivery. It literally makes the above products available at your fingertips. Men and women feel comfortable while buying such products without being judged by anyone. These websites will help in improving overall health and social status of women specially rural women and in B and C category towns and cities. Indirectly, it will help Government and other programs run by Government  and NGOs for achieving population control,controlling AIDS and STDs and diseases.

Adult toys and products are not only for pleasure , but also for mental and physical wellness.

Generally, the health benefits of adult toys are the same as the health benefits of normal
sexual behavior which a human being experiences. For normal couples, adult toys help them in increasing their bonding and physical pleasure.

It can help overcome erectile dysfunction in some men. For example, men who had recent prostate surgery or treatment, diabetes, heart disease, spinal cord injury and neurological conditions, they can reduce the effect of disease on their erection by promoting the blood flow into the erectile tissues by stimulating the nerves. It helps the men  to have an erection without taking Viagra. Gels and Oils for increasing blood flow are very helpful in such conditions.

Women adult toys are also very helpful for hypersexual women who have nymphomania or some sort of sexual addiction. In western countries, doctors or physicians recommend them as substitute devices in their therapy. They are recommended not only for singles , but also for couples.


It is an e-commerce platform created by the company "CA Gain Healthcare Private Limited". It offers unique wellness products like :

  • Male condoms
  • Female condoms
  • Contraceptive Pills
  • Delay sprays and oils
  • Adult toys for male and female
  • Erotic lingerie

The company sticks to the slogan "Privacy is Our Priority". Any customer who is above the age of 18 can buy all the above products without loosing his/her privacy. The packaging is very discreet which can be handled by buyer only after successfully completing the order online.Orders are
shipped in discreet unmarked boxes without invoice. Even the "From address" has the name of the company "CA Gain Healthcare" without the name of any of the product(s) written anywhere.

The delivery is superfast and orders placed before 3 PM are shipped on the same day.

While doing online payment with credit card , debit card or netbanking, nowhere trace is left
directly or indirectly about the name and nature of the products for which payment is made for.

The company deals in the most respectable brands of India e.g.

  • VEET


Keep  in mind  and even you can bookmark it in mobile phone browser without feeling shy.


The viewpoints expressed in the above article are personal opinion of the author and for education and promotional purpose. The author is not an employee or in any way connected to the above brands mentioned except as endorser.

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Make Your Job Description About Activities

Make Your Job Description About Activities

An insight view by our Guest Author Omer Molad. He is Co-founder and CEO of Vervoe

Here’s how to write a job description that will attract the right candidates.

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”

– Greg Anderson

Why Focus on Activities?

People are hired to perform value-adding activities. While companies have different approaches to how they hire, their goals are usually the same. Every company wants to hire high-performing people, not people who just look good on paper.
Despite this simple and obvious assumption, too many companies ignore activities and focus on things that don’t indicate performance. This happens at every stage of the hiring process.
For example:
Many job descriptions focus on what candidates have done in the past.
Screening is based on candidates’ backgrounds.
Assessment methods often don’t simulate the tasks are performed in the role.
Instead, use on-the-job activities as the guide for the entire hiring process. If you follow this principle, you will hire people who perform the value-adding activities you require.
Here’s how it works.

The Job Description

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”
– Lewis Carroll
Defining the role is the foundation of hiring. If you do that incorrectly, the entire hiring process will be steered in the wrong direction. The clearer you are, the higher your chances of attracting the person you want.

The problem with so many job descriptions is that they are aren’t linked closely enough to the daily activities of the job. Let’s change that.

A good job description should have three sections:

1. Start with why

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”
– Simon Sinek

This approach is entirely applicable to job descriptions. Sell candidates on your company’s vision and story. Sell them on the role and the culture. This will achieve two things. First, it is likely to increase the quality of applicants. Second, candidates will be more likely to invest in the application process and make an effort if they buy into your “why”. Conversely, candidates who don’t relate to your vision or culture will opt out. Mission accomplished.

2. Describe the role in activities

Outline, point by point, what the successful candidate will do every day. Keep it simple and be very specific. No cliches, no jargon. Candidates need to understand how they will spend each day, what they need to achieve, who they’ll be working with and under what conditions. This is a great way of managing expectations. By communicating to candidates what they’ll be doing in the role, you are forcing them to ask themselves whether they can do those activities well and how much they enjoy doing them. This presents another opportunity for less suitable candidates to opt out.

3. State your requirements

The previous two sections should make this part easy because you’ve set the scene. Candidates already know what your company stands for and what they’ll be doing in the role. Now you can add some more detail about the type of person you are looking for and how you expect them to approach the role.
Don’t worry about years of experience, grades in college or anything else that’s not activity-based. Bring it back to activities and use plain English.
Describe the kind of person you’re looking for by listing how you want them to approach the role. Put thing in context. Instead of “strong communicator”, write “clearly communicate customer feedback to the product team”. Instead of “flexible”, write “prepared to join calls with developers late at night when necessary”.
You should also use this section to articulate the attitude and behaviors you’d like to see. Candidates already know from the previous section what they’ll be doing on a daily basis.
Now explain how. Here are some examples of good job descriptions and a useful guide on how to write one.

Candidate Screening

“The doors of wisdom are never shut.”
– Benjamin Franklin
With a good job description and scenario-based assessment, candidate screening is simply not required. To learn more about why you don’t need to screen candidates read this.

But in short, screening is not about activities, it’s about a candidate’s background. Ruling people out based on their background is counterproductive. Instead, set candidates up for success with a savvy job description, and then assess the ones that want the job based on that description.
Don’t worry about receiving too many applications from people who aren’t qualified or ignore the job description. That is solved automatically in the assessment stage and you won’t need to lift a finger.

Scenario-based Assessment

“An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.”
– Mae West
Your job description will attract people who want to be part of your journey, and want to do the job you advertised. That’s the theory at least. Now it’s time to find out how it stacks up.
The assessment stage, which is the most important part of your hiring process, should be entirely based on activities. Go back to the job description and choose the most important on-the-job activities.
Create simulations of those activities so you can see how candidates perform in real-world scenarios. To learn how to write a great interview script read this.

Use automated interviews to deliver the simulations to candidates online. Some candidates will not make the effort. Others will find the activities too challenging. Others yet will see that the activities are not aligned with their interests or passions. The most motivated and qualified candidates will prevail.
It’s easy to read a job description and apply for a job. However, when candidates are asked to perform challenging tasks, they need to be motivated and confident in their abilities. You’ll only need to view and score completed interviews and you’ll know who measures up within minutes.
Using automated interviews based on activities, you can audition candidates for the role. They will, in turn, get a chance to do the role, albeit in a small way.

The candidates who perform well in the automated interviews will have proven they can do the activities you want them to do in the role. Seeing first hand how well they perform each of those activities will help you confidently make your hiring decision.

By focusing on activities, you can create a hiring process that reflects your role and how you want it to be performed. It’s a simple and effective method to hire people who can, and want to, perform the activities you consider to be value-adding.

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How Employer Branding Improves Recruiting

How Employer Branding Improves Recruiting

An insight view by our Guest Author Omer Molad. He is Co-founder and CEO of Vervoe

For most businesses, recruitment proves to be a real challenge. With so many companies out there vying for the same job-seekers, what strategies can a business can implement to establish itself as the organization that everyone is dying to work for?

Hiring managers nowadays are increasingly turning to inbound hiring to automate processes that once ate up their schedules, but this innovation is just the first step in a larger trend toward enhancing your company’s recruiting efforts.

Offering the best salaries and ample opportunity for advancement simply isn’t enough to win the attention of today’s workers. Since people spend a significant percentage of their lives on the job, they want to work somewhere they can be proud of. That’s where employer branding — which focuses on a company’s values and culture — comes into play.

What Is Employer Branding?

In a nutshell, employer branding boils down to whatever you use to portray your company as an attractive place to work. This could be anything from a jobs page with videos of happy employees to a word-of-mouth reputation for great perks. This is how a company earns a reputation — positive or negative — within the job market and greatly affects the interest that job-seekers have in open positions. Employer branding can have far-reaching effects on a business and often begins at the executive level.

When employer branding is weak or non-existent, it naturally becomes more difficult to attract and retain talent. In contrast, great employer doesn’t just make it easier to recruit — it also serves as a balance of the rewards and benefits offered to employees, incentivizing them to operate at peak performance. Companies devoted to strong employer branding must demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of its workers from the start, and should continue working to not only serve customers, but also employees.

How Do You Do It?

Now that you have a clearer understanding of how employer branding can impact recruitment, we expect you’re wondering how you can take action now to ensure that your organization bolsters its own profile on the job market. So let’s delve into some key strategies you can use to do just that.

Offer something special to employees: 

If you hope to connect to prospective workers, you first need to give your current employees a great work experience. For some companies, this could be a beautiful office space, fun team building events, or impressive perks and benefits. Then, you can show off your great company culture and garner positive PR that will foster the employer brand externally.

Tackle cultural issues head-on: 

As anyone who has dealt with a tough Glassdoor review knows, lingering problems that threaten your company’s internal culture could eventually hurt your recruiting efforts. Empower your employees with a clear sense of purpose, a reasonable measure of independence within the workplace and the skills they need to thrive. It may be common sense to proclaim that your employees will respect a company that treats them right, but it’s true. If something stands in the way of that, don’t hesitate to take action.

Let employee advocacy take hold: 

Your employees are the best spokespeople you could hope for when it comes to recruitment. Just imagine the power in a staff that is so empowered and thrilled with their employer that they cannot help but share the positive experience they’re having. What a recruitment tool! Furthermore, reach out to your workforce for guidance in your recruiting efforts. Let them share their stories with you, and it could very well help you determine the best way to attract top talent to your company.

Create your brand: 

Now that you’ve proven you’re a great company to work for, it’s time to show it off. Create a brand identity and build out a company jobs page that shows off everything great about your company. Include photos, testimonials, and anything else that you think may attract great candidates. That way, every time a candidate applies, they see immediate evidence of your fantastic culture.

Brand New You

Once a company establishes itself as an entity that workers can be proud to call their employer, the results will inevitably follow. Employer branding may take a bit of work up front, but the power of creating a deeper identity for your company is well worth the effort when it comes to attracting new workers.

No matter how you’ve tailored the hiring process to your company, we cannot stress the importance of employer branding enough. By allowing prospective employees to know precisely what your company stands for, you’ll open yourself up to more willing applicants and, even more importantly, will be far more likely to attract the right individuals who match your company’s mission and cultural impact. It’s time to start now.

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Small Business Financing: Equity, Debt, or Convertible Debt?

Small Business Financing: 

(Which Option Is Really Best For You?) 

Equity, Debt, or Convertible Debt?

Alex Liu

Written by Our Guest Alex Liu
This article was originally published on UpCounsel.

When considering small business financing, it’s important to understand all your available options. Otherwise, investors can easily take advantage of you and offer unfair terms. So before raising any money, learn if equity, debt or convertible debt financing makes the most sense for you to grow your business.


Raising capital through equity is a popular, if not the most popular choice, for entrepreneurs to pursue. Investors buy stock in your company, giving them a financial stake in the future
success of your business.

How It Works

You set a specific dollar amount for what your company is worth. Based on that valuation, investors agree to give you money in exchange for a certain percentage of your company. Investors receive compensation based on the percent of stock they own once you sell the company or go public.


  • All your cash can go toward your business rather than loan repayments.
  • Investors take on some risk and don’t have to be paid back until you’re doing well.
  • Investors often have valuable business experience.
  • Since investors have a financial stake in the success of your business, they are motivated to offer sound guidance and valuable business connections.


  • Equity financing has the highest legal bills and takes the longest time to close, making it the most complex small business financing structure, says Forbes contributor and growth consultant George Deeb.
  • Selling shares of your company makes it very difficult to get them back.
  • You will most likely lose control of part of your board to your investors.


Debt-based fundraising is the form of small business financing most small businesses end up
choosing, says Fund able. It’s also the easiest to understand.
Money is loaned to you with the agreement you’ll repay it over time with an established
interest rate.

How It Works

You borrow money with an agreement to pay it back with interest within a specific time frame.
You will also have to offer your lender some form of collateral, which are liquid assets you will give up if you cannot make your loan payments.


  • You will raise capital much quicker than with equity small business financing. This is especially true of smaller cash amounts.
  • You can keep 100 percent of your company, along with 100 percent of its profits.
  • Interest payments are tax-deductible.


  • You must be completely confident you can make your loan payments in cash each month. 
  • If you don’t, lenders can make you sell your business in order to get their money back
  • Interest payments can become one of your largest business expenses.Commercial lenders will demand small business owners to personally guarantee the loan and offer personal assets as collateral, even if your company is structured as a corporation or limited liability company, according to Forbes.

Convertible Debt

A convertible debt small business financing structure is a mix of debt and equity financing. The money raised is considered a loan, but at some future date the loan can convert to equity if the lenders so choose.

How It Works

You will negotiate an interest rate to pay back the loan. This will also be the interest rate for
those lenders who decide not to convert any debt into stock. The details concerning how lenders can convert the debt into equity are negotiated at the time of the loan. For the most part, that means agreeing to give lenders a discount or warrant on an upcoming round of equity fundraising.

You will also set the valuation cap, or maximum company valuation, at which lenders can convert debt into equity. If investors decide not trade in their loan for shares at this predetermined valuation level, they can no longer do so at a future date.


  • Transaction costs are low and the process moves quickly.
  • If you don’t want to set a company valuation, which involves a lot of uncertainty and risks for new startups, a convertible debt structure for small business financing makes a lot sense, says Covestor CEO Asheesh Advani.
  • Using convertible debt protects investors from dilution in future financing rounds.


  • Investors are uneasy giving money without knowing the exact share of a company they will own, and you might have to offer steep discounts on equity in order to get them to agree to the terms.
  • You may be forced to set a valuation before you are ready in order to avoid not affordable loan repayment expenses.
  • In the end, it’s best you make your final choice, best on which specific option, works best for you, not just now, but in the immediate future as well.

Alex began his career as a scientific legal consultant and then as a journalist researching and reporting on health policy and health sciences. At UpCounsel, he enjoys researching and analyzing data to help businesses make informed decisions. In his free time, Alex is working on a documentary.

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5 Ways To Increase Customer Retention

5 Ways To Increase Customer Retention 

Guest Post By : Jennifer Arellano

5 Ways To Increase Customer Retention
5 Ways To Increase Customer Retention
Customer retention is one of the integral part of survival of brand in the era of this cut-throat  competition where brand loyalty almost does not exist.
Let us understand that new customer aquistion  is costly and time-consuming. There is a long gestation period where a new prospect or lead gets converted into paying customer.

Mainting customer retention is a right way for the stability of the brand.
The following blogpost focuses light on the ways of increasing customer retention.

I hope that readers will enjoy the views of author (Jennifer Arellano) in meaningful constructive way.

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The out of box salesman is deeply humbled to get The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018

The out of box salesman is deeply humbled to get The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018

The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018
The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018
Well. I was feeling little feverish and was resting at home. I could not attend my work-place. Suddenly, my smartphone popped a message for being nominated for "The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018".

I was ecastic. Who does not like to be recognized for thier creative works ? Everybody likes. It was a surprise. It was an unexpected event of the day that made my day. Considering the fact that I have rarely won awards except in the corporate world where I belonged in the past as techie software engineer.

This award is different in so many other ways. You are solely chosen based on your creative output irrespective of biases like nationality,ethinicity,race,color and economic status. Sometimes corporate awards are based on some degree of human interpersonal relations besides your hard-work and professionalism.

This award adds fuel to bloggers creativity. It is a great motivation to write and share. The more you write and  the more you share and the more people read , it is good for blogging community. We are increasing the entropy of knowledge meant for humanity. The knowledge can be of economic value having professional experience or t can also be a trivial story of a person's day to day life.  But ultimately, every bit of information makes the world to live a better place.

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award 2018?

This is an award given to the Bloggers by the Bloggers to be appreciated by the Bloggers. It motivates the Bloggers to pour more creativity,love and enthusiams in their work.

What are the Rules to be fullfilled? 

The blogger can accept the award or he/she can reject it. However, when accepted there are some rules to be followed. Following are the rules:

  • You need to write a post about accepting the award thanking the blogger who nominated you for the award.
  • You need to answer the questions given by the blogger who nominated you.
  • You need to nominate other bloggers who you wish to receive the award.
  • You need to display a selection of questions for those you wish to nominate for the award.
  • You need to comment on each of the nominees blogs letting them know that you have nominated them and give a link back to your post.
  • You need to list the “rules” and display a The Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.

My Nominees

Goregaon Highway Pulse

AugRealityPedia (ARP)




Please answer the following same questions which were given to me.

Answers to Questions from "At Home With Nich"

If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

Chimpanzee. Because they are aspiring to be human being.

If you could go back in time when would that be and why?

It would like to be in the time and space when Albert Einstein was working as professor.

If you could change one thing about the world we live in what would it be?

The boundries of countries are not needed. Seriously. I mean why do we have so many countries ?  So many countries and so we have so many problems. We need to have many governments.
We need to have millitaries for each Government. We spend lots of money to maintain the militaries. We spend on weapons. We are spending on stuff with which we can wipe humanity completely on earth one day. Some fanatic mind need to press one button only.

Ironically, at the other end we are looking for life at other plantes. SETI. We are sending signals for finding life similar to us in deep space.Again we are spending millions and millions on that.

So far so good. At one end we are making arrangements to wipe us from here and at the other end we are looking for somebody similar like us somewhere else. But what about so many of us who are living here in absolute poverty?  They sleep hungry and we are not doing anything for that.

What is the most influential memory you have that has impacted on your life today?

My college years when I used to study books out of my syllabus buying from them at cheap prices from road side.

If you could travel to anywhere in the world where would that be?

The last train has left for the day and you need to call someone to come and pick you up, who would you call?

Well. It depends in which part of the world.

If you were to have a film made about your life who would you want to play you ?

Myself for myself.

If you had the chance to move to another country to live where would that be?

Invent or name a cocktail that best describes your personality.  With or without alcohol whatever is your preference.

Mojito. I would like to have with the Bacardi White Rum.

You are hosting a dinner party and you can invite 5 people, who would you invite?

My all friends

Cheese or choclate?


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Sentient AI - Improving E-Commerce Customer Experience

Authored By Sentient AI

SentientAI - Improving E-Commerce Customer Experience

The market for artificial intelligence (AI) is booming. Many enterprises are racing to implement AI technologies hence the significant increase in its adoption. Artificial Intelligence is a computer science technology that seeks to create computing devices that mimic human intelligence. A recent survey shows that nearly 38 percent of business organizations are already using AI and the growth is projected to reach over 60 percent by 2018. Another research study has predicted a more than 300 percent increase in AI investments for 2017 paralleled to 2016. IDC has also estimated that the AI market will rise to over $47 billion by 2020 compared to $8 billion in 2016.

E-Commerce Growth

E-commerce – selling goods and services over the internet – has been expanding immensely. Many customers are now shopping online or are at least purchasing most of their necessities, including groceries, fashion products, or anything online. Many companies have therefore joined the rat race to seize something out this multi-billion dollar industry market share. These organizations understand that e-commerce is not only about delivering products, but also creating user-friendly customer interfaces and enhancing customer shopping experience. It is what makes customers loyal towards e-commerce sites, turn them into life-long customers, as well as attract potential customers.

When a customer visits an e-commerce site nowadays, it shows him/ her recommended products that they would want to buy. E-commerce sites manage to do this with the use of artificial intelligence technologies. Businesses that have adopted e-commerce understand the importance of enhancing the experience of e-commerce customers to ensure they do not get swayed away by their competitors. Artificial intelligence also supports by increasing the e-commerce customer experience and prompts them to buy products at an opportune time which is appropriate for products that need to be replenished including food, drinks, and personal skin care products.

To take e-commerce to that level, Sentient AI is one of the technologies that companies across the globe are adopting. Sentient AI has some innovative AI-based techniques that help with enlightening customer experiences at e-commerce sites while still helping with improving the efficiency of the site functioning. Artificial intelligence technology is no doubt the next generation technology that will transform business online marketing strategies. Sentient AI technology provides a higher level of intelligence and is paving the way for revolutionary e-commerce technologies for enhanced and better consumer experiences for all e-commerce businesses.