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Saturday, 14 December 2019

Three Step Remedy to Keep Your Spirits High During the Holidays

December 14, 2019 2
Three Step Remedy to Keep Your Spirits High During the Holidays
A guest post from Silvernest Team

The benefits of home sharing with Silvernest

Silvernest is a online platform which provides home sharing opportunities to earn cash to home owners. Silvernest enables homeowners to rent out a room or portion of their home to a qualified housemate (in other words, a renter) of their choosing.
Home sharing offers major benefits to home owners as well as home renters. Home owners get extra income and companionship still living in their own home because generally a room or part of the home is shared.

Home renters get home to stay at lesser rent than the market rent which provides significant saving in the cost of living. Here is a detailed insight on the "Three Step Remedy to Keep Your Spirits High During the Holidays"

Enjoy !!!

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Get Healthy Glowing Skin – Owlpure Whitening Face Cream for Men Review

November 14, 2019 0
Get Healthy Glowing Skin – Owlpure Whitening Face Cream for Men Review
Promotional article as guest post 

Get Healthy Glowing Skin – Owlpure Whitening Face Cream for Men Review

Hello Guys!

What type of products do you use for your skincare – chemical or natural? Believe me guys, I have tried out many chemical-based cosmetic products and experienced many side effects on my skin. Later, with a good consultation from a person, I started using this wonderful product that I am reviewing. I am here to share my genuine experience with Owlpure Whitening Face Cream for Men and I am sure that you will make a part of your skincare routine. 

Owlpure Whitening Face Cream For Men

The natural ingredients used in this 100% Pure and Organic Owlpure Men’s Whitening  Cream worked superbly on my skin and now, I can see my skin glowing with zero dark spots. I am using this face cream for men for nine months and every time I ordered, I can see the package reached my destination in proper condition. The product comes with complete two-layer box protection and this natural and organic skincare product is in the circular-shaped glass box. I am very much satisfied with the delivery and packing of this product. 

Owlpure Whitening Face Cream for Men

Cost of the Product: 560 /-
When I opened this face whitening cream for men, the pleasant fragrance made me feel good. The rich white creamy texture made me feel very easy to apply on my skin. I am very glad that it doesn’t make my skin look oily like other skincare products did and I apply it twice a day after face wash. This Owlpure Men’s Whitening Cream contains 0% chemicals as you can see the ingredients list mentioned on the product label. 

Owlpure Whitening Face Cream for Men

This chemical-free whitening face cream for men with all the natural ingredients will be the perfect solution for all your skin problems as it was mine. I was facing many problems and my skin started looking so ugly with the chemical products I tried. I like to give you my clear and transparent suggestion, try out only natural cosmetic products that your skin loves. Furthermore, this natural and organic face cream for men brightened my skin and removed all the dark spots on my face. It even removed some sort of premature aging signs that were slowly developing on my skin. So, try out this wonderful and amazing face whitening cream for men and you can surely have a glowing skin tone. 

Owlpure Whitening Face Cream for Men

How to Apply?

The right and continuous usage of this Owlpure Men’s Whitening Cream plays a big role in gaining better results. Check out the process of using it and follow the same.

1. Wash your face and pat dry with a smooth cloth.
2. Apply this whitening cream and massage all your face till it gets absorbed.
3. You can use it twice a day to experience good results. 

Owlpure Whitening Face Cream for Men

Pros: -
1. Treats acne and blemishes.
2. Brightens your skin tone by eradicating dark spots.
3. Hydrated skin.
4. Reduces premature signs of aging.
5. Protects skin from sun damage.
6. Boosts collagen production.
7. Restores elasticity of the skin.
8. Lightens skin tone. 
Owlpure Whitening Face Cream for Men Review

Cons: -
As of now, I have not experienced any negative effects on my skin by using this natural product.

Review: 9/10

Friday, 27 September 2019

Convert MSG file to EML

September 27, 2019 0
Convert MSG file to EML
This is a Guest Post from Cigati Solutions

Convert MSG file to EML

In this article,  we will discuss how to convert MSG to EML format. So, this article will assist you a lot if you want to export MSG files to EML format and find it away. Continue to read the article and learn how to convert MSG files into EML format.

The mail systems of today are based on a model of store-and-forward. Accept, forward, send, and store messages from email servers. When a message is provided, neither the clients nor their devices need to be online, they need to link to an email server to send or receive emails. The most prevalent and popular file formats are MSG and EML. Some users want to transform MSG to EML format owing to some restriction of Outlook MSG.

First of all, we need to understand about the MSG and EML file formats.

MSG is a proprietary file format that is used by Microsoft to store the single email messages and other single items(meetings, tasks, appointments, contacts, etc.) on the outer part of Outlook. This format is compatible with any version of the Outlook.

EML is another standard format used by a number of email clients. It is as same as a text file and it can be open in any text editor such as notepad. It allows you to convert a .txt file into an.eml file if your email client does not export directly into .eml. Users can use this format to export emails into any other email format.

Since MSG file only stores a single email message, it is very difficult to handle a large amount of Outlook MSG at once. For another example, only the Microsoft Outlook application is consistent with the MSG file. With any other application, you can't open the.msg file.

By exporting MSG format to Windows Live Mail EML format, MSG format to Outlook Express EML format or MSG format to Mozilla Thunderbird EML format, users can transfer their Microsoft Outlook email messages to well-known email clients easily.

There are different techniques for converting MSG files into EML format on the market. Some are manual techniques and others are third-party software that will assist you to export your MSG files to the EML format of Windows Live Mail:

Techniques to transform MSG Files to EML Format

There are two types of techniques :
1. Manual Technique
2. Alternative technique

I. Manual technique 

● You need to drag and drop the Outlook MSG file and save it to a place of your decision. Change the extension of the MSG file to EML. Open the EML file to the email client of Thunderbird.

In manual methods, the user can face various challenges–

● It's not a user-friendly method, so the user doesn't understand it easily.
● Not an appropriate technique for non-technical users.
● You may lose your attachments in the MSG file.
● One by one is endorsed transformation of MSG file which requires too much user time.

II. Alternate technique

If you have a large number of MSG files then it seems to be very hard for you to use the manual technique. Therefore, it is suggested that always use a third party solution whenever you face problems with a manual technique. One of the best tools for this conversion is MSG Converter that enables you to easily convert MSG to EML.

● MSG Converter converts MSG Files to EML format along with attachments.
● There is no data loss by MSG Converter.
● Multiple MSG files can be converted into other formats in one single go.
● There is no size limit for the files to be converted.
● No loss of original content.
● Portable with all versions of windows.


We have discussed two techniques for the conversion of MSG File to EML format. The manual technique explained above gives the step by step execution for the desired output and another is an alternative technique is MSG Converter used to directly convert MSG File to EML format. For direct conversion, you can use this software as it is not time-consuming as compared to manual methods.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

How to recover deleted emails from Outlook

September 12, 2019 4
How to recover deleted emails from Outlook
We welcome our Guest Author Ashish Srivastava@EasyTeachTools for one of the best contributions.

How to recover deleted emails from Outlook

Do you encounter the same problem with the emails from Outlook? Then you are in the right place as this article suggests the solution for the problem of  “how to recover deleted emails from Outlook”.
Microsoft Outlook is Microsoft's private data manager, accessible as part of the Microsoft Office suite. Includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note-taking, newspaper, and internet browsing, primarily an email application.
When the user accidentally deletes the emails and then want to retrieve them so what can be methods to recover them.
There is a probability that if you accidentally delete a message, these accidentally deleted emails can be retrieved for your comfort. Continuous software technology progress, however, has resulted in software businesses to create such software that will assist you to recover or collect deleted messages from MS Outlook.

Let us see what are the methods to recover deleted emails from Outlook:

Method to recover the recently deleted Emails from Outlook?

● In Microsoft Outlook, the deleted emails go straight to "Deleted Items Folder" in your Outlook profile whenever you delete emails before being permanently deleted after a certain period.

● Within a few seconds, you can just retrieve them, click on the Deleted Items folder, right-click on the email you need, then select Move and move any place you want.

Method to recover the permanently deleted the Emails form Outlook?
Follow this operation in case you have permanently deleted messages:
1. Log into your Microsoft Outlook account.
2. Click the Deleted Items folder.
3. If no items are noticeable in this directory, the folder will be emptied and all messages will be permanently deleted.
4. After this, click on the Folder tab in the top menu bar and then click on the Recover Deleted Items.
5. Now pick the deleted emails required and press the Recover button in the top-left corner of the screen.
6. The Outlook finally begins to recover your deleted messages. Check your Deleted Items folder once you have retrieved, you will see your deleted messages there.
7. Now transfer the emails you need into the inbox or any of the folders you need to transfer to.

If the above methods do not work properly then you can use Outlook Email Recovery Software.

This software not only recovers deleted emails but also can convert all emails in other formats such as PST, DBX, MSG, MBOX, and EML. Also, the software offers quick recovery of accidentally deleted or corrupted emails as well as allowing the user to preview the retrieval process.

Working of Outlook Email Recovery Software:

1. First, Download & start the Outlook Email Recovery Tool and select the file you would like to save. 

2. Select on the Recovery mode and press Ok.
3. Once software will scan all your files, then press Ok.

 Cigati Outlook Email Recovery

1. The Preview panel allows you to choose any particular file.
2. Select the file that you want to recover and then click on Save.
3. Select the location of the file where you want to save it.
4. Then click on OK after the data is saved to the desired location.


We addressed how to recover deleted emails in Outlook without any discrepancy of information in this blog. Recovering the deleted messages that are no longer present in the Deleted Items folder could be problematic. Outlook Email Recovery tool efficiently recovers, along with attachments, permanently deleted email messages. Hopefully, you will find the best solution from this article.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Tech Recruitment Trends in 2019

July 16, 2019 1
Tech Recruitment Trends in 2019

Tech Recruitment Trends in 2019

Tech Recruitment Trends 2019

We are thankful to Vervoe as our guest Author for this post. Vervoe offers AI-powered skill testing to make hiring about merit and not background.

Tech recruiters in 2019 face a surge of demand for specific tech skills up against a pool of tech talent out there which is becoming increasingly difficult to access. Now that we are already halfway through the year, we decided to look at the most relevant studies to date to understand these and other important tech recruitment trends emerging in 2019.

We combed through reports from key industry sources like Stack Overflow, GitHub, JetBrains, Devskiller, and Hired. These sources cover hundreds of thousands of technical candidates, professional developers, and recruiters alike. From them, some important trends have emerged which will be essential to understand to succeed in the coming year.

The US BLS projects that software developer jobs will increase by 31% between 2016 and 2026. Despite this surge in demand, only 15.2% of developers are looking for a new job according to one survey.

To read full article , please follow the link : Tech Recruitment Trends in 2019

Saturday, 29 June 2019

The Importance of Data Visualization in Business

June 29, 2019 5
The Importance of Data Visualization in Business

This article is contributed by JSCharting.

The Importance of Data Visualization in Business

Business meeting with Data Visualization Tools

The internet has grown immensely in the last decade and growth continues to accelerate. This growth means that the amount of data present on the web has also grown to an enormous size. This data can be used to the benefit of many businesses in understanding market trends, customer behaviors and the growth or decline of a product. According to a recent report on global data management, 95% of the organizations in the US use their data sets and big data to understand their market and develop business strategies. There are a number of ways how big data can help drive business intelligence in this data focused world.

Ease the Understanding of Information

A picture is worth a thousand words. Or, in this case, a picture is worth many thousands of data entries. A data visualization tool as simple as a pie chart can help you visualize the data that would otherwise consume a massive data source such as a grid or table. Data visualization helps people understand and absorb information quickly, by making them look at the bigger picture instead of thousands of pieces of a puzzle. By looking at this bigger picture, people can easily correlate and understand the relationships between business conditions and bring them into focus. In short, data analysis and data visualization help you connect the dots in your business and your data.
For example, this simple pie chart sums up the data about the population of the entire world and classifies it based on the region. This includes data from 195 countries and 7 continents summed up in a simple, small chart.

Easily Convey your Message

These days with huge amounts of information flowing to people, it has become more difficult for businesses to grab the attention of their audience. If they manage to do so, it is almost impossible to hold it for longer than a minute until they lose their attention again. With such short attention spans, it is important to convey your message quickly and effectively. Data visualization helps you share your data and insights quickly without losing the interest of your audience. The dashboard of a fitness band application is a perfect example of this; it packs different aspects of data into amazing graphics and gives the user a clear idea of his fitness progress at a glance.


Reduce the Need for IT Geeks

Only a short time ago, when data visualization was not as popular as today, understanding big data was very difficult. Most organizations that wanted to reap the benefits of big data had to hire IT specialists. These IT specialists or data scientists would harvest the data from the web and work to understand the patterns. The problem with these IT specialists was that they did not know what to do with data or from what perspective to look at those trends in the big data. Nowadays data visualization software has made it easier for insight managers and non-technical people to understand complex data in real-time. Business users can now easily develop insights according to the information available and use it to the benefit of their organizations with self-service reporting that doesn't require data scientists to configure.

Recognize the Outliers

Data visualization helps you recognize the outliers in your data. Seeing a drop in sales and being able to jump on and address that quickly can meaningfully impact your bottom line. Conversely, seeing a jump in sales and being able to maximize opportunities for your business as they happen can have a long term positive result. By avoiding negative impacts and expanding positive ones, paying attention to outliers in your data with business analytics can maximize your business returns and enhance data-driven decisions.


One of the main reasons behind the popularity of big data and data visualization is that it helps pull back the veil on business data and reveal important market trends. It provides them insight into what a customer likes in their product and also enabled them to learn some of the negative aspects of their products. In short data visualization helps businesses develop better strategies to improve their performance and decision making. Intelligence tools processing real-time data yield actionable insights and facilitate data exploration. Regardless of the large amounts of data in your organization, data analytics combined with interactive visualizations in your analytics platform helps key decision makers strategize and make informed decisions to drive your products forward!

Take Action

The last but most important step in understanding your data is taking action according to your understanding. Data visualization has helped us at every step in business. From understanding the data to presenting it to the audience, and building strategies. In the last step data visualization helps you review your strategies, implement them and evaluate them from time to time using bespoke solutions or prebuilt BI tools, it's never been easier to perform in-depth data discovery for your business. And if any issues are found, data visualization helps you identify them and take action quickly to get better results.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

First Job Interview in 20 Years? Here's how to Nail It!

June 16, 2019 1
First Job Interview in 20 Years? Here's how to Nail It!
First Job Interview in 20 Years? Here's how to Nail It!

First Job Interview in 20 Years? Here's how to Nail It !

We welcome John Tarnoff as our guest author.

John Tarnoff
John Tarnoff is a reinvention career coach, speaker and author who helps his fellow baby boomers transition to meaningful and sustainable careers beyond traditional retirement. Fired 39% of the time in his colorful career as a L.A.-based film producer, studio executive and tech entrepreneur, he currently co-runs a graduate management program for a top university. In 2012, he developed the Boomer Reinvention® coaching program to help his generation stay active, engaged, relevant – and solvent. He is the author of Boomer Reinvention: How to Create your Dream Career Over 50

Many of us in the boomer generation are confronting a situation we never thought we would be dealing with: launching a second-act career in our 50s or 60s. Yet that is exactly what many of us are doing — bravely ripping up our old resumes and rewriting our life stories so that we can sync up with a world that has changed radically since we were last "on the market."

Here are some suggestions to consider if you are heading into what are likely your first job interviews in 10 or more years. I don't think it matters where you're applying — whether it is for a job in your industry or if you're striking out in a new direction, interviews are interviews. They're scary, intimidating, and your professional future hangs in the hands of your interviewer.
Own It 
A wise teacher used to tell me to be 100% engaged and enthusiastic about what I was doing, but to be 100% detached from the outcome. Win or lose, as important and maybe even life-saving as getting this gig may be, it is ultimately out of your control. You can only be the best person you can be. The only way you're going to get this job is if you don't hold back on revealing that great person. That doesn't mean you sell too hard or tell interviewers repeatedly why you're the exact right person for the job; it just means that you're you. If you're having a hard time finding your confidence and your equanimity, think back to a time in your life when things were really humming on all cylinders. Remember that feeling and bring it with you to the interview.
Show What You Stand For
Today, experience, sad to say, is not as valued as it once was. In a world that's changing so fast, with businesses and industries getting disrupted out of existence, experience may not help you overcome a completely out-of-left-field challenge. You have to be curious, adaptable, resourceful and persistent. In short, you need to be driven by values and qualities of character. This is what a recruiter will be looking for. As an older worker, if you can be quietly inspiring, downplaying your own accomplishments while praising your colleagues, and talking about your life and work experience as a gift rather than as a badge, you may just win them over.
Don't Let "Hiring Mom And Dad" Perceptions Define You
Yes, that's a real expression in the back rooms of millennial-heavy businesses and departments. Your interviewer will most likely be younger than you are. When older workers present themselves, there's a good chance that ageism will rear its head. My advice: Ignore it. Not every younger person you meet is going to be dismissive, but be on the lookout for some awkwardness or discomfort. Rather than clam up, shut down or reveal just how infuriating this really is, be smart and strategic. Show (don't tell) that you have no issue with younger people. Remember:
1) You're not there to teach them a lesson.
2) You're not there to tell them war stories about how things were when you were their age.
3) You're not there to impress them with how much you've learned and grown over the years.
4) You're there to be of service and to support their mission and their goals.
Interview Them
You should be interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. Don't do this from an arrogant position. Don't sit back in your chair, cross your arms, frown or take out your list of questions so that you can take control of the interview. Be curious. Do your homework. Lean forward. Ask perceptive questions to show that you not only understand the job, but understand the company and the culture. Use your questions as a way to reveal why you could indeed be the right fit for this job. Don't be afraid to get into a real conversation.
Be Transparent
Be willing to reveal things that you could feel a little uncomfortable about. Don't hedge your way out of questions like: "Why did you leave your last position?" or "How long have you been looking for a job?" Your discomfort is a sure sign that you aren't right for the position. Spend time prepping for these questions, and find answers that are authentic and show that you are willing to overcome challenges and learn from past experiences. This is a great opportunity to inject some self-deprecating humor into the conversation — and to maybe make a joke at your own expense. A little vulnerability can go a long way toward creating empathy and respect for what you've been through.
It's Not The Job, It's The Fit
At the end of the day, your interview has about 10% to do with your resume and about 90% to do with "fit." Does the interviewer think you're someone whom everyone else is going to enjoy coming to work with in the morning? As organizations and hierarchies have flattened out because of technology, there is more power in what used to be thought of as middle management. Hiring and firing is more team-driven than ever, so don't be surprised if it takes a half dozen rounds of interviews to trot you around to all the stakeholders you could be working with. If they don't "get" you, if there's no "click," then do you really want to be working at a company that doesn't understand and appreciate you for who you are?
Follow-Up Never Gets Old
While so much has changed in the hiring process, the fundamentals still apply. Remember to thank your interviewer by email immediately after your interview. And, just like in the old days, send them a handwritten thank you note the same day. I advise clients to actually have the note card in their pocket or bag all ready to go, with a stamp already on the envelope. I don't care how old or how young they are, your interviewer will be impressed with your follow-up. It may not get you the job, but it demonstrates your thoughtfulness and your character.
Remember that if you don't get the job but have still made a strong impression, you've just expanded your network. That young recruiter may turn out to be your biggest new fan and may have just forwarded your resume to a friend of theirs at another company where there's an opening.
Tomorrow is another day.