Wednesday, 21 September 2016

How the websites like Zimmber, Timesaverz and HouseJoy generate revenue ?

Revenue generation by HouseJoy,Timesaverz and Zimmber
Zimmber, Timesaverz & HouseJoy types of websites are basically aggregators of common household/business service providers e.g. Beauticians, Plumbers, Electricians, Fitness Trainers, Home Cleaning, Deep Home Cleaning ,Painting, Pest control services, AC servicing, Sofa cleaning etc. There are many more such portals or websites operating on small scale to big one like JustDial, Quickr, OLX, Locanto, etc.

In a nutshell view, basically they are classified websites where service providers can register themselves with their contact details and complete profile of their establishment.They can provide details of the services and their tariff structure, staff personnel, availability of time and location.The target customers for these portals/websites are young working professionals and migrant population new to the city who are internet savvy and having less familiarity with demographics of the locality in which they are currently staying.

Customers of these portals/websites can search and find the service provides as per their location and availability of time.

What is the business model for these portals/websites which generate revenue?

  •  Revenue generation mechanism for these portals/websites can be:
  •  Service providers can be charged for registration on the portal/website on monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription basis or each transaction happening between Service Provider and Customer can be charged on commission basis. 
  •  Contextual advertisements can be provided to advertisers which will be a source of revenue for website/portal. Accordingly, suitable payment collection mechanism Internet Banking, Payment Gateway or COD (Cash on Delivery) can be implemented.
Technologically they are internet version of newspaper classifieds or yellow pages with additional facilities like:
  •          Location or pin-code based search.
  •          Mobile App facilities (Android and iOS)
  •          24-hour call assistance
Now as far as choosing technology to implement this is concerned, there are two options:
  • Website or portal can be created by hiring PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS developers to do it from scratch. Building the website or portal from scratch as per custom requirement is time-consuming and it requires significant resources in terms of money and infrastructure
  • Another alternative can be to select some open-source PHP based classified website scripts and tweak that with the help of developers and software engineers as per custom requirements. This is less time-consuming and requires less resources in terms of time, money and physical infrastructure.
The above tasks can be achieved technologies like JAVA or The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site also. Choice of technology should be decided based on pros and cons of various platforms, scalability consideration and availability of respective technical skills.

Some examples of free PHP based open-source classified scripts:

Please note that just installing a classified website is not the end of task. Significant amount of content and listing of service providers on the website/portal must be loaded in order to shorten the time required to acquire a good database of new service providers and new customers. After the completion of above tasks, the portal/website can expect to start generating user traffic to be in business. Social Media Marketing can be used to increase traffic and penetration in already saturated market with small and big players.

You can also contact various vendors who sell ready-made databases of service providers and customers in order to get go.

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