Thursday, 2 June 2011

Know What You Sell

Know What You SellAn art collector was walking through the streets where lot of art dealers were located, looking for some interesting artifact.

He noticed a pussy cat drinking milk from a bowl on the front-gate of one of the art stores. He found bowl was a very old antique piece and it was a rare artifact with value attached to it.

He asked the owner, "What is the price of the cat ?"
Store owner replied, " Not for sale"

He replied, "I have got a lot of mice in my home, and need a hungry pussy cat to control them. I will pay you 5000 Rupees for the cat."
Store owner said , "Sold." He handed the cat to the art collector. Art collector paid him 5000 Rupees immediately.

Art collector replied, "For 5000 Rupees, I think you should bundle the bowl also. The cat is used to it."
Store owner said, "Sorry buddy, Can not. That is my lucky bowl. So far I have sold 66 cats this week."

Akhilesh Maurya


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